Patty Peachious of Peanuckle Town

In a town where pea streets are lined with pea street lights and citizens great and small live in pea houses and eat pea succotash is a town called Peanuckle Town.  Everyone in Peanuckle town loves peas, everyone except Patty Peachious Peanuckle; Mayor Peacnuckle's daughter.  She hates peas.  Patty Peacknuckle knows peas are dangerous, why she saw a wart grow on Ms. Petunia Pealittles nose, right before her eyes.  Patty refuses to go to the annual pea peanuckle pea fair, she makes plans to run to the nearby town of Carrotville.  Until she runs into the local gardener, Mr. Oliver, who challenges Patty to try new things.  Will Patty make it to Carrotville, or will she make a detour to the Peanuckle Pea Fair.


Buzzy Post Classifieds

Do you like the music of the Curly Bees?

Can you do the latest danceā€¦ the Bee Boogie?

Can you not resist Minty Honey Sundae ice cream?

If so, Oliver Bumblegon would like for you to be his new best friend.

Please contact him at Bee Terraces apartment BeeBee2.




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