The Chocolate Queen

This is a story about Mavis Davidson whose only desire was to reach the age of 10, so she could hang out at the mall, wear her favorite rapper Raid Dog's t-shirt, and drink strawberry slushes with her friends.  Although she turns 10, her plans a drastically changed when Mavey is forced to spend her summer with her eccentric Aunt Mildew, oops Aunt Mildred.  The summer is definitely going to be boring, Mavey knows least she that what she thought at first.  Aunt Mildew goes missing and the only clue she got is two rabbits who runs off with Aunt Mildew's slippers.  Mavey finds her self in a topsy-turvy world, and the only way out is to find the Chocolate Queen.

The Chocolate Queen is published as an e-book at the below link

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